I'm Zekeriya Mulbay.

I’ll craft your remote growth department from the pool of the experts:
  • A/B Testing (Optimize, VWO, Hotjar)
  • Dashboard (Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI)
  • Insight (Product Analysis, Segment, Goal etc.)
  • Implementation (Google Analytics, Firebase)
  • Tagging (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.)
  • Engineering (Tag Manager, JavaScript, API)
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I share my hands-on experience in e-commerce business optimization by crafting e-books.
This e-book is for e-commerce owners or managers who needs to have strong data-driven culture to increase their profit using the existing potential better.
We are gathering the most challenging problems and solutions of e-commerce companies and crafting an e-book that helps you!

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Some Clients Worked With

I have over the 9-year experience in digital analytics and conversion optimization and faced with so many real-life problems with the 60+ top tier customers.


The complex logic of booking system and ancillary sales have been tracking across all platforms. Data-driven management has flourished in the company.


Data collection and cross-platform analysis were provided in the joint analytics account of all sub-platforms including corporate and E-commerce websites and applications.


Detailed e-commerce analysis and remarketing actions were taken with the intensive use of custom dimensions and the import of segments into Google Analytics.


The detailed Google Analytics setup and subsequent intensive A/B tests have resulted in a significant reduction in new customer acquisition costs.


WhatsApp's biggest competitor in Turkey BiP has data-driven decision culture thanks to detailed analytics implementation.


We are the first team that implement enhanced e-commerce integration into the news site and positioned the news content as a enhanced e-commerce product object.


The success of the applications was ensured by measurement of internal mobile applications and integration with the main system


By analyzing the video contents, content placement optimization and churn reduction were achieved within the cross-applications.

Uplift-Guaranteed Conversion Rate Optimization and Full-Stack Data Analytics agency for 7-figure e-commerce businesses.