The World’s most holistic cockpit* to manage “profitable” eCommerce business.

The World’s most holistic cockpit* to manage “profitable” eCommerce business.

  • Manage like a commander
  • The fastest root-cause analysis
  • See real “profit” uplift
  • Everyone works towards a goal
  • Omnichannel & store analytics
The Story

* Cockpit = KPI Tree + Dashboard + Responsibility + Project Management

Meet Activator

Activator is a single KPI cell that contains information about the business driver and activate you or your teammate to take action with project management tools' linking.

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The Story

April is in charge of the whole e-commerce business and responsible to the CEO regarding operation and profitability.

April knows that even if her team makes a small improvement in five metrics (sessions, conversion rate, order value, product margin and repeat purchase), there will be a huge increase in gross profit.

April leads different internal and outsource teams. These teams carry out all e-commerce operations from product management to A/B testing.

An analyst, 3 digital marketing specialist, a corporate branding team and a SEO agency working to attract quality traffic under Victor's responsibility.

Victor wants to be able to see the status of all these teams on a single dashboard.

April's responsibility is to look through the big window. She trusts William, especially in product management and eCommerce operations.

William leads the category managers. But its main responsibility is to ensure that profitable and salable products are displayed on the platforms.

The eCommerce business has multiple platforms but these platforms' KPIs are the same.

Joseph is the platform manager and leads 6 people in different branches. His main responsibility is to increase the conversion rate.

He likes management with OKR (Objectives and key results). That's why everyone on his team has a KPI. Joseph wants to be able to follow these KPIs on a single dashboard.

Cynthia is responsible for accurate, on time and undamaged shipping of orders. She is also obliged to find out the reasons for the cancellation.

April knows user acquisition costs are increasing day by day. So, he hired Bianca to improve the lifetime value of existing users. Bianca's KPI is Customer Lifetime Value.

Bianca formed her team. And focused on post-purchase optimization. Her methodology based on RFM analysis.

April needs a dashboard to check that Bianca is working effectively.

So far, we've talked about eCommerce. But this company also has 25 stores in the UK.

Don't have any store? Skip.

April is also responsible for merchandising processes. Her main KPI is cash to cash cycle.

The cash to cash cycle is the time period between when a business pays cash to its suppliers for inventory and receives cash from its customers.

In summary, April is responsible for minimizing the time spent in production, warehousing, shipping and in-store occupancy.

The performance of the stores is measured by comparing different KPIs, such as foot traffic, with the previous year.

Aaron is an analyst who analyzes store performances. If there is an anomaly, it should be transferred to April with its reason.

He must understand the interaction between metrics and be able to analyze root cause analysis.

A final dashboard for April who also wants to follow the net profit.

We use this tree as a decision support tool in our marketing optimization. We scrutinize NorthStar’s elaborate metric and KPI tree closely on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to check the outputs of our operational works designed to achieve our strategic goals.

Murat OzdemirDeputy General Manager

Data Sources & Consultancy

We can connect to more than 30 data sources. If you have a data source not listed, write to us. Even if the main structure is similar, every e-commerce business is different. For this reason, we produce custom dashboards and KPI trees.

Need GROWTH consultancy with Cockpit?

You can get consultancy from our team of consultants to optimize your KPIs. Each of our consultants has proficiency in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this cockpit?

We use dashboards on everyday use. But it doesn’t activate us. So we decided to create dashboard version 2. The cockpit was created this way.

You can assign also assign responsible to each KPI and link your project management tools to the cockpit.

My business is a little different. Do you offer customization?

We do not offer you standard dashboards. We customize each one for your business.

Is the cockpit a product or a consultancy?

Both. Our goal is making you to get the maximum benefit from this concept. For this reason, we support you in determining KPIs and data integration.

What information do you need to get a quote?

First of all, we would like to talk briefly. During this conversation, we will ask the following questions:

  • What dashboards do you need?
  • What are your data sources?
  • Are all KPIs on dashboards measured?
  • Do you need consulting for the implementation of new KPIs?
  • Are the responsibilities clear for the teams that will use the dashboard?
  • Do you want customization on any dashboard?
  • Do you want a new dashboard?

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