Your Growth Process

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Step 1: ControlStep 2: PlanStep 3: ActionStep 4: The scienceStep 5: Let's start!
Step 1

Control the information flow

Proactively identify opportunities to drive incremental revenue. Working closely within house as well as third party partners who provide a variety of services with this dashboard.
Step 2

Plan and Prioritize

Your commercial, data-driven and proactive partner will understand your strategy, mindset and end-year-target so well to execute your directions smoothly.
You will receive services on:

Traffic Acquisition
Conversion Rate
Avg. Order Value
Product Profit Margin
Purchase Frequency

Your team
Step 3

Hit the end-year-target

You will have ready to implement 200+ e-commerce tasks on day one and get proactively identified opportunities using a variety of tools to drive incremental sales.
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Step 4

The science behind it

You will have access to all KPIs of all e-commerce functions. These KPIs are tied in the form of trees under net and gross profit. So, you will have knowledge on which KPI clearly takes you to your end-year target.
Step 5

Let’s start!

Your remote team is looking forward to supporting you to reaching end-year goal. Are you ready to work with the most proactive team you have ever met?
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The Science of hitting the End-year-target!

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