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Do you believe that you will see a huge uplift in gross profit through small improvements in day to day work?
This e-book is for e-commerce owners or managers who want to have a strong accountability culture to optimize their process to higher profit.
Is this book for you?
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Is this book for you?

Hard Data

I want to communicate with hard data. No more subjective talks.

Small Improvements

I believe that I will see a big uplift in net profit with small improvement in day to day work.

Remote Working

I want my remote team to collaborate effectively. I want to keep my team together by increasing profit.

Feel Connected

I want to feel connected with my whole team and sleep better at night as a manager.

Common Goal

Everyone optimize their own goal in my company. But, we should work towards a common goal.

Big + Complex + Virtual

My company is big, complex and virtual. I should see the company as a whole to increase the profit.


I want to implement the OKR methodology. I don’t know where to start.


I believe that numbers create teamwork that solves current and future problems.

Root-Cause Analysis

When I face with a problem, I want to run a root-cause analysis instantly.

Applying this e-book helps you to track all the numbers and changes from one place. Imagine your CMS, CRM, Analytics and Ads platforms are connected in one dashboard and the responsible people are defined on these KPIs which would help you to follow up your teams' performance much easier and create higher profits!

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